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Tucson Gem Show!

And I'm off to Tucson! The Tucson Gem Show is the largest gem show in the world! Over 4,000 vendors spread out over 40+ locations! It lasts almost a month long! Giant tents, convention centers, warehouses, parking lots, hotels...including every single room are loaded with crystals! Yes, it's crystal insanity! 

This year I'll be attending for 9 days. Every day is spent scavenging for the best finds and every night is spent unpacking, weighing and pricing. Of course in the mix of all that I'll be snapping lots of Instagram photos for you guys to drool over before I get the goodies home!

So make sure to keep an eye on my Insta. Especially my stories!

And my website shop will also be closed til I'm back on Feb 5th.

Thank you all for your support!

🖤 Lizzy

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