I encourage the use of Afterpay which is a payment option you can select at checkout.
With Afterpay your total is divided into 4 payments to be completed over a 6wk period. Your first payment is due immediately. Your order will be sent out to you as soon as first payment is made.
*You must be a U.S. resident and have a U.S. telephone number

If you cannot use Afterpay due to being international, not being approved or your order being higher than Afterpays 1k limit then you can do a plan directly through me.

Direct payment plan policies are as follows- Orders $500+ are eligible for 4 payments over 6 weeks. Orders 1K+ are eligible for 8 payments over 12 weeks.
Your total will be divided into equal payments.
Your first payment is due immediately. The remaining payments are to be completed within the agreed terms (6 or 12 weeks from the sale date.)
Your order is not sent out until all payments are made.
*If you do not complete all payments by the due date then your plan is canceled and any payments made will be forfeited.                            
*You purchasing a "payment plan listing" is you agreeing to these terms



Returns and exchanges are not accepted.

if there is damage to your order please message @organicpunkrocks on Instagram within 72hrs of receiving your order. I will not consider compensation for damages if communication is not received within 72hrs.


Email- organicpunkrocks@gmail.com